Learning Materials

Process for Discussion Room activities

The timetable set out below is the dates that you are expected to contribute to the online discussion on the topics. So you will need to manage your time to do the reading and activities provided within those time frames. Some are longer than others so you will need to pace yourselves. Hopefully the activities are interesting and make the learning more fun!

So put the dates and topics in your diaries now!

Topic               Dates for Discussion Room Activities (APRIL 2014 cohort) 

 Dates for Discussion Room Activities (Nov 2014 Dorchester cohort)              

Dates for Discussion Room Activities

(JANUARY 2015 Cohort )

Team Working  April  22nd -24th Dec 3rd -5th Feb 16th -18th                  
Treatment Room Competencies  May 27th - 29th Dec 16th - 18th March 9th - 11th
Consultation Skills   June 16th-18th January 13th - 15th  March 24th -26th
Principles of LTCs  July15th-17th January 27th-29th  April 13th - 15th
Significant Events  Sept 16-19th Feb 10th -12th  May 18th - 20th
Health Policy  Oct 15th - 17th  March 24th -26th  May 6th - 8th
Protocols/Procedures  Nov17th - 19th April 21st- 23rd  May 25th - 27th
Legal & Ethical Requirements  Dec 9th-11th May 19th -21st  June 8th- 10th
Sexual health  Jan 7th-9th  2015 Information to read only  June 29th - July 1st