Course content

The programme is divided into two main sections, although they are interlinked.

Workshops (Table 1)

The workshops provide you with an overview of the programme timetable. Each workshop will be facilitated by a specialist practitioner and lecturer. The session will provide knowledge and understanding  to enable you to take your learning back to your workplace for discussion and the achievement of competencies in practice.

Attendance at all workshops is required to successfully complete the 9 month programme.

Table 1: Workshops - attendance required

Dates  (Jan 2015 cohort)

Dates (Nov 2014 Dorch) Dates (April 2014 Cohort) Time Workshop
20 January  2015  Nov 27th April 1st 4 hours Introduction
3 February 2015  Dec 2nd April 29th 1 day Clinical Skills e.g. Introduction to respiratory care, Phlebotomy, STI Screening,
3 March 2015  January 15th 2015 May 20th 1 day Vaccinations
31 March 2015  February 26th June 24th 1 day Wound Care Management
5 May 2015  March 19th October 21st 1 day Physical assessment
9 June 2015  April 23rd November 4th 1 day Rotherham Ear Care
16 July 2015

 June 4th   (before 2pm)

February 3rd 2015  by 2pm Submission of Portfolio


Approaches to learning (Table 2)

This table outlines the various approaches we have used to equip you with underpinning knowledge and learning for best clinical practice. It is expected that you will be able to access resources online, critically analyse scenarios (animated) through self-directed learning.

Whilst some resources will be provided through direct links it will be expected that you will access further online resources to share with the group and demonstrate evidence for both your portfolio and achievement of your competencies.

It is expected that you will complete a portfolio of evidence of your learning that will be assessed during the programme.

Table 2: Approaches to learning

Topic Online Resources Simulation Workshops Self-Directed Learning In Workplace Portfolio
Team working in Primary Care Yes     Yes Yes Yes
Relevant Competencies for Treatment Room/ Practice Nurse Yes     Yes Yes Yes
Consultation Skills Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes
General Principles of Long-term Conditions: COPD, Asthma, CHD, Diabetes, Renal Yes     Yes Yes Yes
Local & National Policies relating to Primary Care e.g. QoF CQC, Infection Control Yes     Yes Yes Yes
Management of Significant Events Yes     Yes Yes Yes
Understanding of Protocols/Procedures Yes     Yes Yes Yes
Understanding of Ethical & Legal Requirements Yes     Yes Yes Yes
Identifying Professional Development needed for Individual Roles Yes     Yes Yes Yes
Access to Preceptorship (as part of induction process to identify need) Yes       Yes Yes