Sustaining the Network

A Sustainability Plan

To ensure that the Network continues to develop and expand Members in each of the Local groups will need to discsuss and decide on the way forward. This may include developing and supporting some members to take on responsibiliteis for the  running of the group and representation at Core network Group meetings. Members who take on these responsibilities are invited to attend and contribute to quarterly Core Network meetings. The Core Group provides opportunities for exchange of ideas and information across all the whole Network. This information can then be cascaded back to the other Members of each Local Network Group.

Recruiting to the Network

Members have taken over the role of recruiting new Members to their Local groups by distributing and discussing the Care Home Learning Network leaflet. We now have over 100 members across the region recruited to 7 Local Network Groups.

Local group meetings venues need to be chosen by local Members to enable the Network to be embedded into the Care Homes rather than something distant that does not relate to day to day care for older people in Care Homes. The Network is not just for Individual Network Members, but also for the benefit of all staff and residents.

The Future of the Network

For the Network to be sustained it will be imperative to be mindful of the issues for Care Home staff e.g.:

  • To identify/reflect needs of individual Care Homes
  • Constraints e.g. time to be released from work
  • Flexibility in the way groups develop
  • 'Fluid' membership accepting an 'ebb and flow' to attendance at local group meetings.